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367 Days That Shook Cricket

Graeme Harper and James Salter

The dominance of W.G. Grace, the burning of the Ashes, Bodyline, the first one-day game, World Series Cricket, under-arm bowling, Twenty20 pageantry and match-fixing have all left their indelible mark on the history of cricket. But what if the events that really rocked the game's foundations were not so well-known?

367 Days That Shook Cricket casts conventional wisdom aside, to reveal the long-hidden secrets that altered the course of a game loved by millions the world over.

This fictional history provides a humorous take on a sport that is synonymous with the virtues of fairness and integrity. From rogue umpires, tipsy tea-ladies and confused scorers to film stars, sex symbols and rock 'n' rollers — 367 Days That Shook Cricket is a laugh-out-loud book that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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